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In America, the existing healthcare and support model for complex populations often leaves them underserved and at risk. Put simply, it means that individuals are left to navigate and access health and care services on their own. The consequences are profound: a lower quality of life and a shorter life expectancy for those individuals, limited effectiveness in delivering services and an increased financial burden on the healthcare system.

There is a brighter path forward and Radiant Alliance is leading the way.

News and Updates

Radiant Alliance is a dynamic and expanding consortium of nonprofit health and human service providers, united by a shared belief in the transformative power of collaboration. Our network is built on the principle of honoring each member’s unique mission while collectively embracing innovation and the adoption of best-in-class practices.

We foster strategic relationships among providers to serve individuals with complex needs, prioritizing respect and a tailored approach over one-size-fits-all solutions. Together, we illuminate the path to a brighter, more inclusive future for those we serve.


Radiant Alliance is an affiliation of nonprofit organizations revolutionizing the landscape of health care through an unwavering commitment to innovation, compassionate care, and the power of human connection. Founders of the affiliation include Metta Healthcare (Ohio’s Hospice & Pure Healthcare), United Church Homes and Genacross Lutheran Services. Their mission is to create a brighter future by providing access to comprehensive supportive services across the health care continuum. With innovation as their guiding light and the human spirit as their driving force, they take an active hand in creating a bolder and brighter future. Together, they cultivate collective growth, empower individuals to fearlessly embrace their health choices and build a health care system that nurtures the well-being of all.

Meet Our Founders

Ohio's Hospice
United Church Homes | Celebrating the Spirit
Genacross Lutheran Services
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